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Welcome to my castle, I'm Analee. I also go by BaoBao. My blog is personal. ***I REBLOG NSFW SOMETIMES*** I'm a Beauty Youtuber "TheBaoBaoTwinkie" Have a kishie for stopping by<3 :*

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Missing Hawaii like crazy.

On another note cramming all the homework I couldnt do on my wifi-less trip. :( Im so stressed and lost in my AP bio class.. Maybe i should just drop it. I felt the same way with Spanish but now Im doing better than ever so idk. My motivation for school has just been eh this year and its barely the end of 1st quarter. I dont know whats up with me. What is it that i need? am i just overworked or. :/

Anonymous: Hello Darling. I hope Hawaii is amazing and just super fun for you. You deserve this break. Stay strong and stay beautiful. xoxo

Awe!! :) Thank you soso much. Hawaii was pure perfection!  It was paradise. For a little while I think i questioned if I was dead because it felt so unreal to me hahah. It was nice. I came back with a lot of love and help. Hardly a lot of things I missed homework wise. ^u^

Anonymous: What's the size of the dress?

It’s a size 5!!! Omg im sorry I was late. It’s still for sale!! (PLS BUY IT I PUT IT ON CRAIGSLIST LOL DESPERATE 4 MONEY 4 CHEERRR)

/Sob I&#8217;ve been trying to sell my stupid Spring 2014 formal dress for the past week or so. I keep getting like people who say they&#8217;ll buy it but then don&#8217;t really go through with it.
I bought it for like $89 or something around the 80&#8217;s and I&#8217;m trying to sell it for 70-75 and my lowest is like 65 ;0;
I just need money to pay off my cheer uniform guys lol and its literally a new dress I&#8217;ve only worn once. It&#8217;d be a shame to lock it up in my closet in its original bag after just one use. 

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I’m so crazy for you I feel ridiculous. 

I hate my Spanish class and gives me anxiety

My AP Bio class is trying to kill me. 

Biomed class goes by really quick and thats my fav class so it makes me sad

AP Lang makes me sleepy

Algebra 3-4 is relaxing

I love AVID


white people talking about other ethnicities be like

white people talking about themselves be like

In love with my biomedical class. I belong there. I feel so at ease in that class. My teacher might even get a partnership with OHSU so our class can go see actual dead bodies and see how they decipher the cause of death like we do in our class! I think this would be a really fun career to look at. 


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opinions on abortions are kinda like nipples

everyone has them but women’s are a little bit more relevant 

But all you ever see are men’s

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if lucifer needs someones consent to enter their body then so do you

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Nintendo DS’s law is the observation that, as soon as you finally decide on and buy a DS, Nintendo will come out with a new and better model that you want more.